Hybrid and Traveler Souls

Feb 09, 2023
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You don't feel "at home" here....

Never feel like you belong...

Earth is a bit foreign...

You're very sensitive and feel "different"...


Sound familiar? 


You're not alone! Being in the space of feeling "different" and longing for a home you don't know can certainly feel lonely, but this is something I hear frequently from clients. There are many of you! 


I too understand the desire to find something you can sense, but can't see. Something that feels like an innate part of you is missing, and the grief that results. 


And, it's very difficult to process emotions like this when they arise because your human mind cannot make logical sense from any of it!


If you experience this, 

You might be a traveler soul. 

Dr. Michael Newton discovered in his research which he later documented in his books, Journey of Souls, and Destiny of Souls, that there are many souls who incarnate on Earth in human form for various reasons. 


A traveler soul is a soul who incarnates on other planets and exists in other dimensions beyond Earth. Many of these souls incarnate most in other places while being here on this planet less frequently, so Earth is not their primary place of incarnation.


In the past 5 years or so, I have personally noticed a significant increase in the amount of incarnations in other worlds coming through in past life regression hypnosis, Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy and other spirit realm exploration types of sessions. 


What is the purpose for coming to Earth?


When a person has a past life regression or Life Between Lives Hypnosis session, there is much to be explored beyond curious exploration. 


If an experience comes through on another planet, there is a reason for it. 


What I've discovered in sessions through the years is that many souls that incarnate elsewhere are here to have a human experience, but also to assist humanity, animals or the Earth in some way. 


When diving deeper into the experience of the lifetime on another planet, there is much to be gained and integrated into the human experience now. There are gifts that can be brought that can be utilized in their human life, special talents, and often, the desire to be of service.


Incarnations I have heard about and experienced include: Water worlds, lives with complete harmony with the environment, very primitive and simple types of existences, lives more sensitive to and working with energy, gaseous and energetic creations, insect-like appearances, and much more. 


 Why Grief?

What is often prevalent is a feeling of loss, grief, loneliness and lack of belonging. That even when amongst other people, the person feels lonely. Sometimes these humans:


  • Are sensitive People
  • Are deeply feeling people
  • Want to feel at home but don't know where "home" is
  • Are constantly seeking and searching for a sense of belonging, even to feel that in a specific place or environment


If you experience this, there is a part of you deeper within that is aware that this is not home. This isn't coming from your conscious mind, but rather a deeper part of your consciousness.


Of course your soul longs for the comfort and familiarity it knows! It doesn't mean you haven't been here before, just that Earth is not your primary place of incarnation - that there is another place you go to more frequently. 


Integration Matters!


Whenever an experience like this comes through, it can be quite jarring to the conscious, human mind. Yet,  you are being shown this for a reason. Your consciousness is wanting you to know where home is for you, and for a reason.  


Reconnecting to your true home can also sometimes cause you to long for this place even more. And yet, you are here for a reason, and you have a purpose. 


It is important to take time to process through your hypnosis session over time and to allow a period of integration to happen. 


Integration is about bringing the awareness, insights, wisdom and gifts gained in your hypnosis session and other experiences and embodying that energy in your body now. 


With this new embodied awareness, you can step into the life you came here to experience with more ease, peace and clarity. 


You can begin to live your purpose. 


If you want to learn more about preparing for a past life regression or Life Between Lives Hypnosis session, or other types of spirit realm exploration, you can find more about that Here.


In Love and Peace, 






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