Hypnosis & Empath Support Coaching for empaths and sensitives to help you feel better, create change, and live a meaningful life.

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7 Tips to Help When You Have a Spiritually Transformative Experience

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 Empaths and Sensitives


Discover the Power You Have Within, So That You Can Embody All That You Came Here to Be.


Being an empath or sensitive person means you feel ALL of the things - You might feel emotions deeply, or maybe you ponder the big questions in life about why you are here and what this life is about. You might constantly pick up on the energy of others wherever you go, or feel things you can't explain.
Maybe you yearn for a "home" you don't really know, but you have an awareness that this doesn't feel like "it" - a slight sense that there might be more beyond this body and mind - Something calling you to explore more, but what could that be? 
This can cause you to feel overwhelmed, anxious and shut down, OR, once you learn how to work with who you naturally are, it can help you to feel connected, at peace and free.


Client-centered, Integrative Hypnosis and Empath Support Coaching allows you to explore who you are beyond the thoughts you identify with, the emotions you feel, and the behaviors you act upon. It can help you create the breakthroughs and transformation you desire, and I work with you to do this by addressing your whole self. 


If you want to create change in how you process your emotions and reactions, and create a life you feel connected to through a sense of purpose, you can do it by discovering and transforming the root of what you struggle with.
 I am here to hold a safe space for you to process - to connect you to YOUR inner voice and YOUR inner power. You don't need someone to fix you. You only need help finding what you already possess within. With over 20 years of experience working with individuals like you, and training hundreds of hypnotherapists, hypnosis facilitators and consulting hypnotists  around the world how to do the same, I vow to offer a safe space for you to explore your inner world. This is an approach that goes beyond bandaids.
I honor and respect you as you embark on this path where spirit meets human - to find your inner light and shine.



*Sessions offered virtually via Zoom, and in person in Cary, NC (serving Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Holly Springs and Fuquay-Varina areas for in person sessions)


* * Sessions are not a replacement for needed psychotherapy or medical intervention, and if I feel this is needed, I can help you connect with the right service provider for you. Your best interest is my priority. 

Spiritual Hypnosis Certification Training

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What some of my clients and students are saying 

 For more client love, you can read additional testimonials here.

Tessa Thraves - Practitioner

"These videos provide an accessible and informative welcome to both general and spiritual hypnosis. If you have questions, the answers are here. Jen invites us into the regression experience--what it is, why we might want to do a regression session, and how to prepare to make the most of regression work. My favorite is the intro to what hypnosis is and isn't. The way Jen delivers this information takes the anxiety out of expectations for folks new to this work, and vastly enriches hypnosis for those who are already engaged. This kit will maximize the experience and quadruple all you get from your session. So appreciative of what Jen offers and how she offers it."

Ken from Cary, NC

"Jennifer was extremely compassionate which allowed me to share and resolve some of my deepest problems. She has continued to support me, and frankly, I just can’t say enough about the progress she helped me achieve and the effectiveness of her combination of mindfulness and hypnosis. I don’t think you can go wrong with Jennifer."

Tim H.

"Jen is a wonderful person, teacher and guide who has helped me overcome years and years of harsh inner criticism and turmoil. Jen approached my situation in a most delicate and graceful way that was both understandingly heartfelt and professional...

After my session, I felt noticeably more at peace and at ease. For me, this was an unbelievable refreshing feeling! There was a sense of self-appreciation and I no longer felt trapped in my own cyclic pattern of grief and anger. Jen even gave me guidance on how to become aware of any destructive thoughts that may arise in the future and how to actively overcome them. With Jen's skillful guidance I was able to find a better way forward that is a more nurturing, loving and self-accepting way of being. And that was the path that I was seeking all along!"

Susanne D. Morais Certified Hypnotherapist

"Jennifer Catlin's Past Life Regression Preparation kit is an incredible resource for hypnotherapists. This bundle includes EVERYTHING that a client needs to prepare and to get the most out of a Past Life Regression session. The wisdom and expertise that Jen conveys through the materials is rich with her many years as a Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist, Regressionist and Hypnotherapy Instructor. Additionally, the time saved by having these resources at my fingertips, ready to share with my clients, is of great value to me."

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7 Tips to Help When You Have a Spiritually Transformative Experience

Grab the Free PDF and Bonus Free Guided Meditation today!