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Hi, it's Jen here!

This kit was developed to help individuals who want to have a past life regression or other spiritual hypnosis session prepare and get the most out of their experience with any hypnosis practitioner.

What my students are saying

Here is some feedback from our students. 

Susanne D. Morais, Certified Hypnotherapist

"Jennifer Catlin's Past Life Regression Preparation kit is an incredible resource for hypnotherapists. This bundle includes EVERYTHING that a client needs to prepare and to get the most out of a Past Life Regression session. The wisdom and expertise that Jen conveys through the materials is rich with her many years as a Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist, Regressionist and Hypnotherapy Instructor. Additionally, the time saved by having these resources at my fingertips, ready to share with my clients, is of great value to me."

Jen Callahan

"This Prep Kit is absolutely amazing. I was very curious about Past Life Regression (PLR); I read some books, and decided I wanted to give it a try. I had been advised by a few people that I should try to do some pre-work in advance, so I set out to find a program that could help me prepare. When I received Jennifer Catlin’s Prep Kit I thought I would try the first video and see how it went. I was hooked! The videos are broken down into digestible lengths and did a fantastic job of grounding me in what to expect during my PLR. It answered so many questions that I had (even some questions I didn’t know I had) but most importantly she answered questions I was too embarrassed to ask. The tool kit gave me an idea of what to expect in my session and reassured me that my experience was going to be unique too. Aside from the preparatory videos, the kit offers several visualization exercises; some are general and some more spiritual in nature. These were invaluable because they allowed me to practice getting into a hypnotic state before my session. I did go on to have a VERY fulfilling PLR session after using the kit, and I credit much of my session’s success to this prep kit. I highly recommend this kit!"

Tessa Thraves Practitioner

"These videos provide an accessible and informative welcome to both general and spiritual hypnosis. If you have questions, the answers are here. Jen invites us into the regression experience--what it is, why we might want to do a regression session, and how to prepare to make the most of regression work. My favorite is the intro to what hypnosis is and isn't. The way Jen delivers this information takes the anxiety out of expectations for folks new to this work, and vastly enriches hypnosis for those who are already engaged. This kit will maximize the experience and quadruple all you get from your session. So appreciative of what Jen offers and how she offers it. "

How will this course benefit your experience?

Jen is so excited to share her extensive training and experience in delivering Spiritual Hypnosis and Past Life Regression sessions .

This kit will maximize your potential for having a successful and meaningful past life regression session. Doing some practice beforehand ensures that you are not only ready for this experience, but that you can gain the most out of it to receive insights that are available and can help you in your life today.

You will learn about the many misunderstandings and misconceptions that exist around hypnosis, gain helpful tips to maximize your potential for success, and through practice, learn how to work with your conscious mind and let go into the experience.

Without proper preparation, the chances of experiencing an unsuccessful session are increased. Given the time and money investment in a session like this, and the desire to have a successful outcome, preparing for the experience is important.

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Benefits of the program

Why should you take this online prep kit course with Jen? 


Get the most out of your session.

This kit will offer you the best possibility to have a successful session.


Improve the experience

You will learn how to work with the conscious mind so you can let go more into the experience.



Included practice materials help you assess when you are most ready to have a successful past life regression session.

A look at the modules inside our program


Introduction and overview

This section is an overview of the kit. This kit will fully prepare you for having a past life and spiritual regression hypnosis session.


Understanding hypnosis

You will learn what hypnosis is and isn’t. Being able to understand what this process is and feels like is essential to having a successful spiritual hypnosis session. There are many misconceptions regarding hypnosis and it is common for individuals to have misunderstandings about the process. Demonstrating a clear understanding of hypnosis and how you already experience it without realizing it will help your comfort level with knowing when you are having an experience in session instead of wondering if you are doing it “wrong” which can shut the experience down.


Tips for success

In this section, we will discuss multiple tips that will help you not only have a successful hypnosis session, but also get the most out of it.




Conscious interference

One of the most common challenges that creates a block in a past life regression session is conscious interference. This is when the conscious mind gets in the way of the experience by attempting to analyze and make sense of it. When this happens, it takes away from your ability to be with the flow of the experience. This section will teach you how to work with your conscious mind so that it works for you instead of against you during your spiritual hypnosis session.


Embody the practices

There are many practice materials provided to you, but when you know how to utilize them, you will get the most out of your experience. In this section, we will discuss how to use the practices provided to you in a step by step manner to ensure the most success.



This section exists for you if you experience any challenges or issues while practicing. If this happens, there are always reasons for it and being able to understand what is getting in the way for you and how to work with it will help you bring resolution so you can have a successful session when you move through these challenges.

MODULE 07-08.

Deepening practices

These sections include all of the practice materials you will need to prepare for your past life regression session. They are organized into four distinct sections, each with a different purpose. In one practice session, you will be guided through a process of working with your conscious mind in order to prepare you to go deeper. Then, there is a section of practices that the human mind can relate to. Once you are successful with these, you will be walked through some spiritual guided experiences to take you even deeper into the subconscious.


BONUS materials

This section includes bonus material to help you prepare for your session. There are 3 mindfulness meditations that I have recorded that will support you in becoming more present in the moment which helps you to let go even more and open the door to your subconscious.



This section is for any individual who might experience challenges while practicing, or for anyone interested in learning about why challenges might occur. You will learn the reasons that issues might be arise and how to resolve them so you can go on to have a successful spiritual hypnosis experience.

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More testimonials from past students or members

Experiences from some of Jen's past clients and students. 

Jennifer from Raleigh, NC

"My introduction to Jennifer was for a past life regression (PLR) session.  I had never been hypnotized before, and was a little skeptical that I could be.  That being said, I was also excited about the possibility of remembering another lifetime, and psyched myself up beforehand to just go with the flow. During the getting-to-know-you part of my appointment, before the regression process began, I felt increasingly comfortable being in Jennifer’s presence. I could tell she was a sensitive, tuned-in individual, who was going to guide me back in time with the utmost care.  And as it turned out, I had quite an incredible experience.  I’m definitely going back!"

Ron Emrich, M.R.C., C.H.

"I have been a certified consulting hypnotist for seven years and have participated in numerous hypnosis sessions and trainings. In my view Jennifer has created an excellent explanation of hypnosis in general as well as the specific aspects of hypnosis for past life regression, i. e. how an individual can gain the most out of his/her work with Jennifer. Jennifer has applied both her academic and personal experience to facilitate success when working with her. She guides through her knowledge and personal caring. It is obvious she thinks about people very deeply and wants the best for the individuals she works with. Truly, she is a clinician well-grounded in knowledge and regard for her fellow humans. "

Angela from Apex, NC

"Jennifer was able to do a general hypnotherapy session with me. Not knowing what to expect, I found the experience to be deeply relaxing as Jennifer guided me through many layers of progressive relaxation, and helped me create space where I could discover more about myself. Her gentle, calm presence and voice were comforting and soothing in this crazy busy world."

Nice to meet you!

I will be your instructor for this course. Here is some of my experience and credentials. 

  • M.S., School Psychology
  • Certified Instructor of Transpersonal and Spiritual Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Transpersonal and Spiritual Hypnotherapist
  • Serves on the Education Committee for the Michael Newton Institute
  • Completed the Duke Integrative Medicine Mindfulness Training for Professionals 
  • Completed YTT200 (yoga teacher training) at Kripalu
  • Former and current experience includes:
    • Guest speaker
    • National Conference Presenter at a variety of professional conferences
    • Workshop presenter
    • Retreat Facilitator
    • Guest mindfulness instructor for large residential substance abuse recovery center 
    • Guest mindfulness instructor for adolescent therapy group

Your Program Investment


Limited Time Offer

  • Watch the video lessons in your own time with Lifetime Access
  • Includes Guided Experience Audios and Reflective Questions
  • Support: Ask questions under each lesson 
  • Community: Join our private Facebook Group
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