How To Get The Most Out of a Past Life Regression Session

Jan 24, 2023

When you experience a past life regression hypnosis session, you want to get the most out of it. Here's How:


Gone are the days of having a past life regression session simply because it sounds "cool" or it might be a fun thing to do. More and more people are realizing that there is far more to past life regression and other spiritual hypnosis sessions than just curious exploration. 


If you're going to open your awareness to an alternate experience beyond this lifetime, why not go all in so that you can gain beneficial insight that can help you in your life today?


I have been witness to profound insights that come from past life regression sessions - those that have the potential to significantly change a person's life.  This doesn't come from finding out who you were in another lifetime, or from learning about details of different time periods or clothing you wore, but rather from the overall wisdom gained from life experience itself. 


When you expand your own consciousness, the wisdom and insights available to you on a soul level extend beyond that of which the conscious mind can offer, though the conscious mind translates it for you in a way that you can understand. 


Knowing what it is you are holding onto beyond the level of the conscious mind, what is needing to be released and discovering unmet needs from other times and other places allows you the ability to work within that space to provide what is needed in order to create shifts at the deepest level of the subconscious, and within your own energy field. 


So How Do You Get the Most Out Of a Past Life Regression Session?


1. Know What To Expect


It is not uncommon to have misconceptions about what hypnosis is and isn't. Books on the topic choose the cream of the crop stories and often don't explain what it really feels like to experience a session like this. 

Your conscious mind remains awake, aware and in control during hypnosis. It's as if the filter of the conscious mind were lifted, but the conscious mind itself is not going away. 

You might see, feel, or experience the session in another way. If you are not seeing the experience visually, it does not mean you are doing anything wrong. Notice what you feel on the level of intuition or sensation.


2. Understand The Process

There are many methodologies that can allow you to experience a past life regression. For example, the Newton Institute Methodology is how I was originally trained and this includes going into childhood, having a womb/in utero regression as part of the session, past life and a small amount of spirit realm experience. 


There are several other methods that can bring your awareness into a past life regression. If you have questions about the process, ask your facilitator to help you understand what you will be doing to help ease any fears or questions the conscious mind has. This will better help you to let go into the experience.


3. Learn How to Work With Your Conscious Mind

You're human, and that means having some aspect of you that is logical and analytical. This part of our existence is stronger for some of us than others. If you happen to have a strong logical mind, it is important to learn how to work with this so you can better let go into the process of a regression session. 

Keep in mind that your conscious mind will attempt to analyze any new information or experiences because it is trying to categorize where this fits into your life. Because it has no set of files related to what you will experience in another lifetime, it will often attempt to explain it away by convincing you that you are making it up. If you notice this happening, it is normal! 

One thing you can do is to acknowledge your mind and all that it is doing to try to help you, but ask your conscious mind to take a step back and become a passenger on the journey, allowing you to analyze your experience later. If it is having difficulty doing so, ask your mind, "What are you afraid will happen if I let go?" Hear the response with your inner ears. It may be that you need to start first by addressing this.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice! 

I have been facilitating past life regressions for over a decade, and if I learned one thing, it is to request that my clients prepare for their sessions. Doing some practice with guided imagery and meditation can significantly assist you in the outcome of your session. 

The process of letting go is not one that comes natural to all people. Sometimes the conscious mind has a strong hold. 

There are guided imagery recordings on YouTube that can be helpful in that it can show you what it feels like to be guided into an experience, though the experience itself will be different in a past life regression. 

Guided imagery practice will help you understand how you best receive information. Do you see it visually? Do you feel it as sensation? Do you notice it as an intuitive sense of being in the experience? There is no wrong way to receive. 

If you notice challenges with the practice, it is important to let your facilitator know before your session to help you process what might be happening. 


Getting the most out of your spiritual hypnosis session means that you can utilize the information gathered in a way that helps you in your life today to help you shift belief systems, thoughts, emotions and behaviors.


If you would like a more comprehensive video and audio kit that will walk you through a step by step process of getting the very most out of your past life regression or spiritual hypnosis session, check out the PLR & Spiritual Hypnosis Kit I created for this very purpose. You will receive lifelong access to video and audio recordings you can practice with prior to your session with any facilitator, and utilize to make connections beyond this time and space, You can access that here.



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