How To Change Your Vibrational Frequency

Aug 08, 2023

"Frequency" is one of those buzz words you might hear when talking about energy, vibration and consciousness. 


Before discussing more about this, I want to preface by stating that this is only my personal opinion based on personal and professional experiences, and does not have to reflect the truth of others. If it resonates, take the pieces that are helpful and if not, that is OK too. 


Your brain is like a radio

I think of the human brain as something like a computer. Metaphorically, I relate it to the equivalent of a radio. If the brain is the radio, the radio stations are housed in the field of consciousness. 


The Realm of Consciousness houses infinite radio stations

In that field, there are various stations that the radio could be tuned into - an unlimited amount of stations. The frequency of those stations determines the story and reality of the human experience. 


When your thoughts and emotions are tuned in to a particular radio station, it is because of past conditioning and underlying belief systems that create a perception of the world. In addition, it impacts your views and beliefs about yourself. 


This in turn causes you to show up in this world and behave in ways that do and do not serve you. When considering the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are not helpful in your life, it is essential to determine which radio station your brain is tuned into. 


When you are able to understand the underlying belief systems, which are held in the subconscious, then you can provide what is needed in order to shift the belief system that was conditioned into your brain and resulted in you tuning into and living a specific reality. 


This involves identifying unmet needs of the past (which can be from current or past lives) that created energetic imprints which tune your brain into the radio station that creates your perception and reality. When you understand what these needs are, you can provide what is needed deep within your being so those imprints can release, and your brain, the radio, tunes into a different radio station, which now creates a new story, new life experiences, and a new reality. 

Dream, Intend, Manifest

Infinite possibilities exist within the realm of consciousness. Which possibility would you like to tune into, so that it may become your reality? 



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