5 of the Most Commonly Shared Messages in Past Life Regression and Spiritual Hypnosis Sessions

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In the heart-expanding realm of past life regression hypnosis, I am grateful for the profound privilege of guiding souls through the expanded awareness their subconscious reveals, unveiling the stories woven into the fabric of what they perceive as their former selves. Because I believe time is not what our human brains perceive, I think of "past lives" more as "alternate lives" that exist in the quantum realm. Regardless, I've been facilitating spiritual hypnosis sessions for well over a decade and have noticed distinct patterns of messages received by people who are living the typical human life with its joys and sorrows, just like you.  These are the five most heartfelt pieces of advice that emerge from the depths of past life regression and spiritual hypnosis sessions:


1. Humans Often Take Life Very Seriously

So many return from their journeys with a lighter heart, carrying the realization that perhaps they've been holding onto life a bit too tightly. The stories from their past lives and what is experienced in spirit often reveal a preoccupation with concerns that, from the soul's vantage point, seem fleeting and insignificant. This revelation is a tender nudge to embrace life's dance with a lighter step, to not let the weight of worry dim the vibrant light of the present.


2. You Are on the Right Track Because There Is No Wrong Track

One of the most frequent questions asked in session is about the desire to know "If I am on the right track".  How often do we find ourselves paralyzed by the fear of missteps, of veering off course? Yet, the wisdom that flows from the river of past lives and from spirit gently reassures us that every path, with its twists and turns, is part of a grander journey. Each step, whether it lands in shadow or light, is a step forward in the soul's evolution, and there may be multiple timelines that exist, but you are gaining what you need on THIS timeline, in THIS experience. This is a soothing balm for the anxious heart, encouraging us to walk our path with courage and trust.


3. Be More Present

Among the most poignant regrets are those moments lost to the past or future, moments when the beauty of the present was clouded by distractions. The souls I guide often speak of a yearning to have been more present, or to be more present in their current life, to savor the sweetness of each moment. This whisper from spirit is a heartfelt call to open our eyes to the now, to immerse ourselves fully in the tapestry of the present, for it is in these threads that the essence of life is woven.


4. Love Yourself and Others

The journey back through time frequently uncovers a simple yet profound truth: the transformative power of love. Through tales of hardship and solitude, the soul reveals that love—both for oneself and for others—is the wellspring of healing and happiness. We are here for each other, because we are each other. This lesson is a gentle reminder to nurture a compassionate relationship with ourselves, for it is from this well of self-love that we can pour forth love onto others, enriching our lives and the world around us.


5. Have Fun

You are here to have an experience. One of the messages I have consistently heard is the importance of embracing fun and laughter. It's a reminder that, all too often, we allow the spark of joy to be smothered by the seriousness of life. The souls speak of lives where the simple pleasures were overlooked, urging us not to make the same oversight. To have fun, to delight in the dance of life, is to honor the spirit within us that craves lightness and laughter.


As I reflect on these sessions, I am moved by the beauty and resilience of the human spirit. These shared insights, these echoes of wisdom from the past, are not just lessons but gifts of the soul. They remind us to live with lightness, love deeply, and laugh often. They encourage us to treasure each moment, for it is in the heart of the present that we truly find ourselves. In the sacred space of spiritual regression, we uncover not just memories of who we once were but a clearer vision of who we are meant to be.

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