The Benefits of Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Aug 27, 2022
benefits past life regression hypnosis

The first time I heard about past life regression hypnosis was when I read the book, Many Lives, Many Masters, by Dr. Brian Weiss. Coming from the world of western psychology myself, I was intrigued that someone could find relief and benefit from something like past life regression hypnotherapy. 


I did not intentionally stumble upon this book. It was more like I was dragged to exploring this topic, and my own spirituality, while kicking and screaming. Having trained as a school psychologist, I was familiar with things like the workings of the brain, learning and development, and logic and reasoning. I had experience teaching yoga, but I still preferred to analyze anything and everything I could… until I couldn’t. I wasn’t prepared for the series of spiritually transformative experiences that followed, but then again, almost nobody is when they happen.


It was when I talked about what was happening to me with a clinical psychologist I knew, thinking something was suddenly wrong with my brain, I was handed Dr. Weiss’s first book, Many Lives, Many Masters. This began my path of deeper exploration into a world that existed beyond the one my logical mind knew, but one my heart and soul was yearning for me to know.


Through the process of discovery in past life regression in my own personal sessions and professional training as a hypnotherapist I realized that there are many benefits beyond what I ever thought possible. As I worked with hundreds, and then thousands, of individuals in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, I began to notice some patterns and common benefits that people experienced. Some of these are:


  • Shift in perspective when reflecting on life’s challenges


  • Deeper insight into life experiences and questions


  • Connection to life purpose and meaning


  • Discovering not just WHO you have been in other lifetimes, but understanding how the information gained while in a hypnosis session can help you in your life today. 


  • Greater sense of peace and joy in your current life


  • Living more in the present


Past Life Regression is More Than Curiosity

A past life regression session can go beyond just curious exploration and provide tremendous benefit when you go through a lifetime, move through the death scene, and into the spirit realm. There is a lot of significance that happens around the time of death, whether it be an unexpected death or one that occurs from old age. Tuning into these elements, and the resulting energetic and emotional imprints that were carried by the soul, is an important, but often missed component that has enormous potential for the client in session. 


Further exploration into the spirit realm and through a life review of the lifetime experienced in session helps the client to gain all of the insights available from a greater perspective of their higher self -  wisdom such as the reason their soul chose to have that life experience, what might have been carried forward from that lifetime that is impacting their life today and what is needing to be released. 


Integrating and Embodying

Individuals in hypnosis sessions are able to tap into the consciousness of who they are in this moment as human, the consciousness of the human or being they were in the alternate lifetime, and the consciousness of their soul simultaneously. This allows for a heartfelt conversation between the beings they have incarnated as, since they share the same soul, and for those insights to be embodied and carried forward now.


I have witnessed many “aha” moments that were unable to be accessed through the filter of the conscious mind, but flow easily when accessing expanded consciousness. 


While I never claim that past life regression hypnosis will cure an individual of ailments, because there are times when medical intervention is necessary and important, I have witnessed several accounts where people found relief from physical pain and conditions they had for years that disappeared after their sessions. Even more so, I have seen mental and emotional healing that brings a sense of peace in a person’s life through past life regression and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, perhaps for the first time.


No matter whether a person is guided to a lifetime they consider boring or mundane, one that had heartache and tragedy, or something pleasant, there is much to be gained that has relevance in some way in their life today. Exploring beyond the lifetime and gaining the infinite wisdom available in the spirit realm and from the higher self can have life changing impact.  



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