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How to Stop People Pleasing and Start Living a Fulfilled Life

Experience inner peace & transform the underlying cause of being a people pleaser.

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Hi, it's Jen here!

This course is designed for people who experience people pleasing tendencies, or for professionals who would like to learn more about the root cause of people pleasing and codependency. You will go beyond the surface level symptoms and dive deep into long-term transformation, address the underlying causes that drive your behavior from the subconscious and learn how to move beyond them..


What my students are saying

Here is some feedback from our students. 

Susan C.

"Jennifer Catlin is one of the best hypnotherapists I have ever gone to. She was able to help me touch on areas quickly, yet gently, to begin my journey in improving my self esteem. The tools she gave me for every day work are very helpful. The best part is she listens to her clients! Then the journey begins from there. The experience is amazing. Highly recommend her to everyone!!!!!"

Sophia T.

"Jennifer is truly a professional that goes above and beyond a regular hypnotherapy session. She sincerely cares about your progress and puts in the time outside of the session to follow up and supplement it with other resources that may be beneficial. Her services are excellent and highly recommended!"

Linda C.

"Jennifer has an exceptional ability to convey a sense of peace and relaxation.  My mind was in turmoil due to the physical and emotional demands of my family to include a sudden death, a near death, and a life threatening illness with subsequent disability in my husband. I was overwhelmed by her demeanor, soothing voice and counseling skills provided me with a calmness I’ve never before experienced along with the ability to sort through and manage my roller coaster emotions. "

How will this course benefit your experience.

People pleasers are often looked upon as the “responsible” and dependable ones in life but frequently feel a lot of anxiety and exhaustion that is held within.

This course is especially designed for people who have had some talk therapy and are ready to go deeper into the root of where your behavior and emotions come from. If you are a people pleaser, the way in which you live is unsustainable. It is tiring and you may feel burnt out but also unable to stop trying to keep others happy. Talk therapy has a time and place, and I highly recommend it as a first step in helping yourself create a new life. However, you may find you hit a plateau and continue to talk about the same issues over and over again. This is because the people pleasing behaviors, and emotions that are linked to these behaviors, don’t come from the conscious mind. You cannot reason or analyze your way through them. People pleasing comes from a much deeper place in your subconscious and it is driven by emotions and belief systems that formed in past moments of your life. In order to experience true transformation, you must access the root of where it came from and provide what is needed in that emotional space. This course will walk you through that process so you can create a new way of being for yourself.

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Benefits of the program

Why should you take this course with Jen? 



You will experience inner peace by learning how to transform the root of where people pleasing comes from in your life.


Increase happiness.

You will feel much happier in life as you learn how to care about others without taking responsibility or ownership for their challenges.



You will begin living life for you and have a more balanced way of being in relationship with others as your needs are met too.

A look at the modules inside our program

There are 8 modules to this course.
Throughout the course, you will participate in various guided experiences to help you reflect from the space of where being a people pleaser originates... within the subconscious mind..

Videos within the course (Tutorials), Reflection Questions and Guided Imagery Experience.


Introduction and overview

You will receive an introduction and overview of this course. Also included is information about Jen and working with trauma if that is present in your background.


What is codependency

In Module 2, you will learn all about what codependency is and common characteristics of people who have codependency. You will also learn how people pleasing and codependency are interconnected. We will talk about a research study that discovered four consistencies that are present among codependent people and discover the difference between a healthy, interdependent relationship and a codependent relationship.


Emotions and people pleasing

There are underlying emotions present that are held within the subconscious mind, but are activated just prior to taking action as a people pleaser. In this section, we will talk about the emotions that are commonly experienced. Additionally, there will be discussion about being a highly sensitive person and how this relates to people pleasing.


Origins of Codependency

This is where you will dive deep into where codependency comes from. It is different for each individual based on prior experiences, but there are consistent patterns. You will be shown examples of how people pleasing and codependency might begin, and how that will result in your life as an adult today.


Core wounds

Learning about core wounds is important when factoring in how a person becomes a people pleaser. This is where the behavior begins and how it takes residence in the subconscious and this is what drives your behavior today. You will learn about where the root of this behavior comes from in your life and how inner “protectors” show up to help you in the way you need then, but also learn how they continue to show up even when you feel they are not serving you now. You will also dive deep into learning how your relationship with emotions works and how to begin shifting this for lifelong change.



This module is a culmination of everything you learned in previous course modules. I will show you a step by step process of how to work with the people pleasing part of yourself in a way that gently guides you to the root of where it comes from, discovering the core wound in that space, and teach you how to resolve it so you can move beyond living this way and create a new way of being.



In this module, we will discuss logistical changes in your day to day life and relationship dynamics that will support you in moving forward on this new path you are creating for yourself. You will learn how to continue carrying forward everything you experienced and stepping into this new life. .


BONUS experience

This is an audio experience where you will be guided through the entire process each step of the way, experiencing transformation deep within your subconscious mind.

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More testimonials from past students or members

Experiences from some of Jen's past clients and students. 

Ken G.

"I came to Jennifer at a difficult juncture in my life. I had some problematic health issues and my parents were close to the end of their lives, which brought up lots of unresolved childhood issues. Jennifer was extremely compassionate which allowed me to share and resolve some of my deepest problems. She has continued to support me, and frankly, I just can’t say enough about the progress she helped me achieve and the effectiveness of her combination of mindfulness and hypnosis. I don’t think you can go wrong with Jennifer."

Michele W.

"I first contacted Jennifer Catlin as a last resort to gain access to fragmented memories of my childhood.  I had been attending traditional counseling on and off for years with little success.  The traditional counseling sessions would always hit a wall and could not continue due to the frustration of the inability to access the memories I had hidden away. I was skeptical that hypnosis could help me retrieve the information, however I was desperate to try. During the first meeting Jennifer immediately put me at ease, explained what hypnosis was and the process we would take. She made me feel safe as she gently led me to my suppressed memories. She was present with me and kept a protective net around me as I explored my memories. The visualizations given to me through the exercises kept me focused on the goal at hand while making it easy to assign pictures, colors and sounds to my feelings. As Jennifer guided me week after week through the cobwebs I finally reached my destination which gave me all of the answers I desired. The answers then led me to a wholeness that I had not felt in years. I would highly recommend Jennifer Catlin and her expertise in hypnosis therapy. "

Nice to meet you!

I will be your instructor for this course. Here is some of my experience and credentials. 

  • M.S., School Psychology
  • Certified Instructor of Transpersonal and Spiritual Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Transpersonal and Spiritual Hypnotherapist
  • Serves on the Education Committee for the Michael Newton Institute
  • Completed the Duke Integrative Medicine Mindfulness Training for Professionals 
  • Completed YTT200 (yoga teacher training) at Kripalu
  • Former and current experience includes:
    • Guest speaker
    • National Conference Presenter at a variety of professional conferences
    • Workshop presenter
    • Retreat Facilitator
    • Guest mindfulness instructor for large residential substance abuse recovery center 
    • Guest mindfulness instructor for adolescent therapy group

Your Program Investment


Limited Time Offer

  • Watch the video lessons in your own time with Lifetime Access
  • Includes Guided Experience Audios and Reflective Questions
  • Support: Ask questions under each lesson and join our Private Community
  • Need a payment plan?
    Click here to pay 2 x monthly repayments of $197
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